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Helping You to Fix Henry

Help for Henry

Our Henrys are cherished members of the family, his cheeky smile has captured the hearts of million. However, living with Henry can sometimes present challenges.

Don’t lose faith in him. Just by discovering the perfect accessory, you can rekindle your love for him. Additionally, helpful videos are also available to assist you when he's being particularly troublesome.

Welcome to your go-to destination for caring for your loyal companion. We are a family-owned business committed to preventing unloved Henry vacuums from being discarded in landfill and dedicated to rekindling your love for Henry.

Jonny x

PS. Yes we do sell bags too.


Henry Hoover Bags and Parts for the Whole Numatic Family

Whether you are buying Henry Hoover bags, replacing his lost tools, or performing a life saving operation on his motor. Everything that your Henry needs is right here.

The Henry Hoover bags and parts on our site also fit Hetty, James, Harry and any other members of your Numatic family.

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