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Can I Use Henry Hoover Without a Bag?

Can I Use Henry Hoover Without a Bag?

We have all been there, our last Henry Bag is full and you need to use him urgently. He seems to cope without the bag fine so we just continue to use him without one. Stop! Always use a bag. 

'Well of course you are going to say this, you run a website that sells Henry hoover bags', you are probably thinking.

Here is what happens when you use Henry Hoover without a bag. 

Can I Use Henry Hoover Without a Bag?

The bag inside your Henry is there to catch any dust particles that enter your vacuum. Between the bag and the motor you have a filter. If you use Henry without a bag the dust will be sucked up directly into the filter by the motor. This causes abit of a mess when emptying the vacuum yes, But it will clog your filter in no time at all.


can i use henry hoover without bag dirty filter

A blocked filter reduces the suction of the vacuum by creating a barrier between the motor and the dirt that you are trying to vacuum up. Your suction will be terrible. 

Your clogged filter will also make the motor work much harder than it should be. This will therefor decrease the lifespan of your vacuum and can even make it cut out if it starts to overheat. 

The filter will also start to smell over time. Where will these smelly dust particles end up? Back into the sir that the motor blows out of the back of your Henry. 

So now you are using a vacuum that doesn't suck well and is blowing microscopic dust particles back out into the room for another day. This can be a living nightmare for people suffering from dust allergies. 

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So show Henry some love, never use your Henry hoover without a bag. 

You can buy Henry Bags on our site, Including Reusable Henry Hoover Bags if you are concerned about the environment or just simply wish to save money from buying bags each month. 

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