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Henry Hard Floor Tool, What is it?

The Henry hard floor tool. What is it? You already have a floor tool for your Henry so why would you need a second?

The Henry Hard Floor Tool is designed to keep your wood, laminate and tiled hard floor looking pristine and perfect. It's sleek, slim design combined with powerful performance provides peak suction on all types of hard flooring.

  • Wood 
  • Laminate 
  • Tiles 
  • Lino 
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete

henry hard floor brush tool review

It is becoming a favourite addition to Henry’s tool kit for homeowners that have a lot of hard flooring. Likewise, businesses such as warehouses and the medical sector prefer to use this tool. 

The tool has fine bristles at the front and rear allowing for better movement and deeper cleaning. It’s dual wheels and pivoting head making it incredibly easy to glide along during use, preventing any damage to your floor’s surface. 

 henry hard floor brush tool

The gaps along the front brush also allow for bigger pieces of dirt to be vacuumed up, rather than being pushed along. 

henry hard floor tool henry hoover hard floor brush tool

At just a fraction of the weight of the standard Henry floor tool, it makes light work of vacuuming your floors. 

Henry Hard Floor Tool Fitment

For use with 

  • Numatic 
  • Henry
  • Hetty
  • James
  • Harry
  • Charles
  • Edward
  • George 
  • Nuvac

Is it Better than the Standard Henry Floor Tool? 

Your standard Henry Tool has a pedal, so you can change to a Hard Floor setting. This releases a brush from the casing...so whats the difference? 

Imagine your expensive, freshly polished wooden floor... or your precious tiled floor. Now imagine forgetting to put the brush down on your standard tool. There is a strong risk that you will cause damage to the floor. This tool eliminates the chance that this will happen. 

This tool is also the lowest priced floor tool for the Henry range. It is also available as a compatible part making it even more affordable.  

In summary the Hard Floor Tool is 

  • Specifically manufacturer for this specific cleaning task.
  • Slim line and powerful.
  • Glides across floors, making cleaning effortless.
  • Weighs much less than other floor tools. 
  • Costs less than other Henry Floor Tools
  • Safer to use on delicate flooring

See The Henry Hard Floor Tool in Action

To see it in action please see the link below to our Youtube video 



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