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Henry Hoover Floor Head is Stuck on the Metal Pipe? How to Remove

If your Henry Hoover metal pipe is stuck inside the floor tool, or indeed if you can't get the metal pipes separated from each other.... stay calm... and read on. 

Henry's pipes and tools are friction fit. They are designed to push fit together and stay that way whilst in use. That's great news, until you are trying to separate them. 

How to Remove Henry Hoover Pipes When They Are Stuck

Trying to pull them apart isn't the best way. To win at this battle (and it can be a battle) you need to "Twist and Shout". 

You may have already been shouting at Henry and coming out with words that would make your mother's hair curl... this is normal, and feel free to continue doing this....WHILST YOU TWIST THE METAL PIPE.....

  • Hold the floor tool as best as you can using your foot and twist the metal pipe.. this should 'break the bond'. As soon as you have movement after twisting the pipe, you should find that it pulls free. 
how to remove henry hoover floor head metal pipes stuck

    If you are trying to separate the metal pipes from each other twist each one in separate directions... again put all of your effort in. 

    how to separate henry hoover metal pipes that are stuck together

    I have tried the above and the pipes are still stuck!!!!

    Go and boil the kettle... make a nice cuppa. With the remaining hot water take your pipes and floor tool outside. Pour the hot water over the joint. You should then be able to twist the pipe with much less effort and the 2 parts will separate. 


    how to remove henry hoover floor head from metal pipes that are stuck


    I do hope that this helps someone out there who is trying this seemingly straight forward task.... it can turn out to be rather frustrating.


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    Brilliant …. Hot water did the trick Thank you 👍

    Mandy Young

    Lol my Henry has been stuck fast for ….. 3 years ? Finally it annoyed me so much I Finally googled it !

    Thank you

    George Kiernan

    Ooooh my , simple things work , the boiling water ……pukka after months and months finally got floor head off 🥰🤣

    Kathleen Gardner

    I loved my Henry to begin with, but it is a real strain not to be able to easily swap accessories or the length of steel tubes as I am working. They always stick, it is frustrating and slows up jobs. Sad.


    Thank you the hot water worked a treat. 😀


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