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Henry Hoover Hose Guide

I'm going to buy a Henry hoover hose, this should be easy.....then you are given more options than you expected. So here is a quick guide, along with a video so that you can see me trying to remember the different kinds of Henry Hose too. 

Which Henry Hoover hose will fit my model? 

Quick answer, All of them. 

Henry really hasn't changed too much since his release in the early 1980s. This includes the connection to his nose.

**Interesting fact alert... this connection was first derived from the whole on a oil drum that you screw the lid onto.

first numatic vacuum design henry

Moving on...The tool connection on the other end is also the same on all of the hoses. So there is no need to worry that your tools and pipes won't fit onto your new Henry hose. 

Ignore any variants on your Henry... eg. Henry Pet, Henry Micro, Henry Allergy, etc all share the same hose. 

Likewise if you have a Hetty, James, Charles, Harry, etc... They all have the same connections on the hoses. 

will a henry hoover hose fit my hetty james charles

How Long is a Henry Hoover Hose?

This can vary on the age of your Henry and if he still has the original hose. The lengths that we stock are 

*Note that the standard Genuine Hose was 2.4m for years but has slowly been phased out. 

Henry Flomax Hose vs Standard Hose vs Compatible Hose 

Henry Flomax Hose

This is a 2.2m long hose that was introduced a few years ago. You will usually find it on newer Henry models only... but it fits all ages! The main difference between the Flomax hose and the standard hose is that the hose itself is wider in diameter. This increases airflow which in turn will makes dirt particles easier to vacuum up. Due to it's extra diameter, it is also less likely to block should you vacuum up that odd sock that has been under your bed for the last few weeks. 

The connectors on the ends of the hose are not bigger. They are the standard size that allow it to fit to any model (you get the idea by now I'm sure) 

henry hoover flomax hose vs standard whats the difference

Standard Genuine Hose 

This is a 2m Hose (previously manufactured as 2.4m). It is what it is. The hose that has been tried and tested by millions of Henry owners over the years. 32mm in diameter and suitable for all models. 

Compatible Henry Hose

These are available in both standard and flomax diameters. And guess what? they fit all models. 

The end connectors are included and are the same size that you will find on the genuine part. 

These are available in sizes from 1.7m right up to 5m. The most popular choice being the 2.5m option. 

Manufactured and tested to be the highest quality that we could find. They allow you to get the part that you need for your Henry whilst saving money too. 

Stretch Hose 

The stretch hose is not mentioned on our video below, but we do have a seperate video for this on our site. This hose stretches from 2m to 9m. This allows you to vacuum the stairs or your car without having to move your Henry. 

henry hoover stretch hose for stairs


Henry Hose Cuff

If you are buying a new hose because the end of your is worn down or cracked... you can just buy this part on its own. It is called the "cuff" and fits onto your tools and pipes. We also have a quick video on the site how to fit this part.  

cracked henry hoover hose cuff end

Buy Henry Hose Cuff 

I do hope that this page has helped buying a Henry Hoover Hose easier for you. 

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