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Henry Hoover Loss of Suction and How to Find a Blockage

Has Your Henry Hoover Lost Suction or Blocked? 

We are going to show you how to fix Henry hoover loss of suction (or your Henry, Hetty, James etc.) This will include finding a blockage and how you can improve the suction if he has simply lost the suction over the years. 

Henry Hoover Blocked? 

If the loss of suction has been quite a sudden thing it is likely to be blocked somewhere. You may have also noticed a change in the motor noise becoming a little louder. 

First things first we need to find the blockage. So lets switch on the power and we are going to work backwards from the floor tool to the tub. 

Remove the floor tool only. If the suction from the metal pipe is strong then the blockage is in your floor tool part. Any thing from a pen to a hair clip can get caught up here. If the suction is still poor....

Remove each metal pipe section one at a time working on the same theory. If the suction is good after removing a section, then the blockage will be in the last part that you removed. Common culprits can be 2p coins and large items like stones. If you have done all of this and the suction from the end of the flexible hose is still poor...

Remove the hose by screwing it off the tub on your Henry. If the suction here is good the blockage is in the hose somewhere. Giving the hose a good twist and shake may help the blockage find its way to the end where you can see it better to unblock. 

henry loss of suction blocked hose pipe

At this point, if the suction is still poor, turn off the power and remove Henrys 'Head', filter and bag... Check the bag connector inside the tub.. a good collection of dust or larger items like socks can be known to get caught here. 

I have found where the blockage is now what? 

Use anything that you can to disturb the blockage. Sometimes this is easy and you can reach it with your fingers. Sometimes you may need to use a tool or something like a coat hanger to get in there. The worst blockages we find are in the metal pipes as these blockages are often stuck in the long tube and more determination is required to remove the item. 

No blockage found and suction is still poor?

No problem here is how you can resolve this. This loss of suction may have crept in over a period of time. Do the following..

Change the bag for a new one. This sounds obvious but a full bag will create a barrier for the airflow within your vacuum.. The motor cannot suck the air through the vacuum like it should be doing. Likewise with the following step...

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Clean the filter. A dusty filter acts as a barrier too. For how to clean the filter you can watch our video from YouTube at the bottom of the page.

If you feel that the filter is too tired you can  Buy Henry Hoover Filter Here

henry hoover loss of suction clean henry filter

Henry Loss of Suction Summary 

All of the above steps are the only things that can effect the suction on a Henry.

  • Pipe blockage 
  • Old or Full Bag 
  • Dusty Filter

His simple design makes it easy to cure. We see far too many people buying new vacuums instead of trying to improve the one that they have. I do hope that this page has helped you in some way. Please remember to follow us on facebook.com/henryhooverbags for more help and tips. 


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Reply to : Dave Gillingham : If there is no suction and the bag and filter are new, follow the steps above. There is nothing stopping the air flow in the tub in your case, so there must be a blockage in the hose, pipes or floor tool. remove each part individually and look down them, ensuring that you can see daylight at the other end.

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my henery hoover motor is not sucking i have put a new bag and a new fillter but still doesent suck what can it be

Dave Gillingham

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