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Henry Hoover Repairs, What Tools Do I Need to Repair Henry?

Henry hoover repairs can be quite simple, and with plenty of help videos available online, you may just be left with one question... What tools do I need to repair Henry?

Repair don't replace has become a fast-growing belief in today's culture, it is often cheaper, more efficient and much better for the environment. We strongly support this way of thinking and are always just an email away for any advice that you need. 

Torx screws! Who needs ‘Um?

People who you have a newer Henry Vacuum...

what size is torx screwdriver henry hoover screw t15, henry hoover repairs tools

A lot of consumer electrical goods are now fitted with Torx screws, a screw with a star-like head, and the newer model Henry is the same. So now your usual tools won't do the job you’ll need to invest in a Torx screwdriver, specifically made to fit these newer, more secure screws, it'll make repairing your Henry a doddle.

The Henry Hoover torx screwdriver size is T15 on newer models. They are found underneath his 'hat' and need to be undone to access the motor, cable and switches. 


Phillips Screwdriver 

henry hoover repairs phillips screwdriver

The traditional cross shaped screwdriver that most of us have hanging around in the shed. This will be needed for removing the screws on older Henry Models. It will also come in handy if you need to remove the Carbon Brushes from your Henry Motor. 

Long Nose Pliers 

Not the end of the world if you don't have a pair, however these make removing connectors from the switches or motor a lot easier and reduce the rick of damaging wiring which can happen if you are wresting the wires off by hand. 


henry hoover repairs multimeter

Find the fault with your Henry like a pro. Having a multi-meter will definitely help. Imagine opening up your Henry that has no power and mot being able to visually see if the switch has failed or if its a fault with the power cable. Put your Multi-meter onto the correct setting to measure continuity or resistance. Bridge the components to see if they are connecting ok. eg. does the pins on the switch make a connection when turned onto the 'on' position, or is the power cable free from internal breaks when you put the multi-meter on each end of the the power cable. 

Henry Repair Help Videos or Ask an Expert 

As you can see there are not many tools that you need to repair your Henry. We can supply any part that you need. The key thing is to carefully follow any tutorial videos online or if in doubt ask an expert. There are also a few Henry groups on Facebook with members that know everything there is to know about repairing. 

Good luck with your Henry Repair... you will be so proud of yourself when you have fixed him, and just think of the money that you have saved!! 

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