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Henry Hoover Smells Bad, How Can I Keep Him Smelling Fresh?

If your Henry Hoover smells bad, here is how keep him smelling fresh

There are a few things you can do to ensure your Henry remains clean and fresh helping to keep your home smelling clean and fresh too.

Smelly Henry Filter 

A dirty or dusty Henry Hoover Filter can not only dramatically decrease suction, but they can harbour bad smells too.

henry hoover smells bad

We recommend to replace your Henry filter at least every 12 months depending upon the amount of use. In between new filters you can clean your Henry filter to remove the dust and increase suction. You can learn how to clean your Henry filter here. 

Catch the Dirt and Smells

Always use a bag in your Henry, this can be either a paper bag, cloth bag or reusable bag. If using a reusable bag, this can be washed from time to time and replaced when it becomes old. 

If you dont use a bag the dirt goes straight into your filter, blocking it, making it smell bad and also stops air flow from the motor above. 

Clean Your Smelly Tub

While you have your henry bag removed, take a clean cloth and cleaning solution and wipe out your henry. You can also use a clean cloth and a mixture of hot water and lemon to wipe around your henry, helping him smell fresh; always make sure to dry your henry properly, moisture is not Henry's friend.

henry hoover smells after a clean photo

Henry Hoover Smells inside the Pipes and Tools

Whilst the above steps are very easy and effective, there is very little point if your tools are clogged up with nasty odours. Often these are hidden inside tools, hoses and pipes. These can be replaced if they are very old. However, prevention is better than cure, we have seen many people online soaking their tools in a bath full of hot water and disinfectant. Always remove tools before doing this, The Henry itself is not to be put in water. Leave the tools and hose to soak for a good time and then rinse. A long handled bottle cleaning brush can be a good way of scrubbing inside the metal pipes. 

Hang the hose on the washing line to dry and ensure all pipes and tools are dry before you use them again. 

Use Bag Fresheners 

Finally you can pop a vacuum bag freshener into your Henry bag each time you change your bag. See video below

We again have seen other sonline using such things as Car Air Fresheners inside the bag, but this can be quite expensive. We have also heard of people dabbing zoflora onto their bag and then letting it dry before use. 

Important! Alway make sure that any freshener is inside the bag and not inside the tub or above the filter. We have seen countless Henry's that have had their motor destroyed due to sucking things like powder and Lenor unstoppables into the motor itself. 

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A fresh and clean Henry means a Fresh and Clean home.

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