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Henry Hoover Stopped Working? 5 Steps to Find and Fix the Fault

When your Henry Hoover won't turn on, the most frustrating part is not knowing what the issue is. I have created a 5 step video guide to help you find the issue so that he can be fixed. 

In the guide I use a mulitmeter to find the power loss issue. That said, I also go over the symptons to help anyone who hasnt got a multimeter to use. 

Here are the basics of what can cause power loss, with more detail wihin the video above. 

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1. Power Cable 

This can be tested by using a multimeter. The cable should also have a visual check. Commonly they fail near the plug base, often becoming intermittant before they fail. 

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If you have a newish Henry with the LED power indicator, and this is on when you plug Henry into the mains, The power cable will not be the cause of the power loss. 

2. Rewind Contacts 

These are found underneath the cable rewind and a visual check is enough to see if they are broken or damaged. 

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3. On / Off Switch 

This can be tested using a multi meter. If you dont have one, symptons are usually that the vacuum cleaner was working fine the last time that you used it (with no strange sounds or smells) 

A simple clean is usually enough to resolve the issue. 

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4. Motor 

The motor will normally sound strange, smell of burning or splutter before faling. Its unlikely that you need to buy a new motor and just replacing the carbon brushes for new ones will usually resolve the power loss issue caused by worn ones. 

 It is also a good idea to clean up the contacts on the motor itself ehrn replacing the carbon brushes. If this area is pitted or damaged in any way, you will need to replace the motor for a new one. 

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5. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) 

These are only found on Henry models with a Hi / Low switch. If they fail, they can cause power loss. 

If you skip to the PCB section on the video at the top of this page, I will show you how to quickly bypass this part to see if it is the cause of the issue. 

Connecting the switch directly to the motor will bypass the Hi Low feature and will normally bring the vacuum back to life. 

You can also follow the video below to install a Power Led to your vacuum when bypassing the PCB. 

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Please subscribe to my Youtube channel fr updates on the latest help videos. If you have any other ideas for videos please let me know. I am always looking for new ways to help cure people's Henry problems. 

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