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Hetty Hoover Parts, are they the same as Henry Parts?

Hetty Hoover Parts, Bags, Filters and Motors are exactly the same as her Henry counterpart. 

It seems like an obvious answer, yet we get asked if Hetty Hoover Parts are the same as Henry parts almost single every day.

With her big smile and long lashes, there’s no wonder why Hetty is so popular. She is well known for her pink body and is now also available in Yellow. This is just a change of colour for those who don’t like pink, the pink and yellow Hetty have no other differences. 

Buying Hetty Hoover Parts  

We have now made searching for Hetty Parts easier on our website….. Just to put your mind at rest. 

You can now filter the products within each category or search results by the name of the vacuum cleaner that you own. 

Product Category or Search > Filter By > Suitable for > Hetty 

As shown below this will the only show the parts that will fit your particular vacuum. 




Each product descriptions also contain information of the models that each part fits. 

Are There Any Hetty Hoover Parts that are different to Henry? 

There are some parts across all of the Henry family that differ depending upon the age, size and model number of your vacuum 

  • Motors - there are 2 different ones fitted to Hetty. There is information on each description to guide you. 
Hetty Hoover Parts, are they the same as Henry Parts?
  • Filter - again there are 2 different size filters that you can buy for Hetty. The newer 160 models are an inch smaller than the older 200 model numbers. 
Hetty Hoover Parts, are they the same as Henry Parts?
  • Front Wheels - The wheels are perhaps a Hetty Hoover Part that you never thought you would buy. However, if she has been out on the town with Henry, she may have taken her shoes off and can't remember where they went. The 40mm wheels are the ones that fit all Hetty Models. The bigger size on the wheels listing fit bigger Henry, George, Charles and Edward models. 

That concludes our buying guide "Hetty Hoover Parts, are they the same as Henry Parts?".

Nice and easy and nothing to be worried about. Look after your Hetty, and she will look after you. 

Should you need any advice please contact us by email or via our new online live chat feature. As always, we hope that this article has answered the questions that you may have had. 

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