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How to Change Henry Hoover Bag... With No Mess

It seems like such a basic question to answer, but 'how to change a Henry hoover bag' is a question that 1000s of people a week search for online. 

Imagine that you have never owned a Henry. This could be one of the first questions you have about your new family member. 

As always I am here to help with any questions that you need answering about your Henry. 

How to Change Henry's Bag

We also have a video at the bottom of this page which cover these steps

  1. Remove Henry's 'hat' by pulling on both clips on each side, then lifting off using the handle. 
  2. Remove the filter and put this to one side 
  3. Carefully remove the bag from the black bag holder which is inside, behind his 'nose' 
  4. Close the flap on your bag so that the hole is blocked off. This means that the dirt and dust inside won't escape when you take it to the bin. 
  5. Now replace the Henry hoover bag with your new one. With the writing facing up, push the bag onto the bag holder ensuring that the rubber seal goes over the lip on the bag holder. This will stop it from coming off inside during use. 
  6. Replace the filter, then the top and you are good to go.
If you have any other questions at all please....


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