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How to Clean Henry Hoover Filter and Improve Suction Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy Henry Filter Cleaning for Better Suction 

Keeping your Henry hoover filter clean and free of dust will not only maintain suction but it will also prolong the life of your motor. 

A dirty Henry filter acts as a barrier below the motor so suction will be seriously effected by this. A clear filter and bag increases air flow through the tub and that's what it relies on for suction to be great. 

This is how to clean Henry filter... 

  • Remove the lid 
  • Remove the filter. Vacuum the filter inside and out using another vacuum cleaner... you can use any vacuum for this. The idea here is to get any dust out of the filter that is restricting the suction from the motor. If this is not possible, tap the dust out of the filter (do this outdoors).
  • Change the bag whilst you are doing this... a new bag will help with suction and odour issues too. ALWAYS USE A BAG... if you use Henry without a bag there is nothing to keep the dirt inside his tub from entering the filter. This would cause the filter to get clogged in no time at all. 

If your filter is stained or smelling bad do not wash it. Henry filters aren't washable. You could use bag fresheners to improve the smell of the air flowing through your Henry.

By the way you can buy a new Henry filter should you need to. 


Please see our youtube link below for the 'How to Clean Your Henry Hoover Filter' Video 

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Hi yes you can. See the link here

Hope this helps

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Can you buy a replacement filter?




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