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How to Replace Henry Hoover Cable

How to Replace Henry Hoover Cable Fitting Instructions and Video

This is a step by step guide to show you how to replace Henry hoover power cable

A damaged cable can be dangerous. Always replace if yours has any damage to the insulation, or at the first sign of intermittent power. 

You can buy the Henry cable on our site, and fit using the instructions or video below. This is a fairly simple job but take your time and if in doubt always recruit the help of a professional. 


  • Remove the base of the Henry head by unscrewing the 4 outer screws. On older Henry models you will need a standard cross screwdriver, Models that have been made in the last few years will have a star shaped screw (Torx T15 size screwdriver required)
  • Remove the cable rewind. At this point I always ensure that the contacts underneath the cable rewind part are in good condition. 
  • Unscrew the 3 screws underneath the cable rewind
  • Unscrew your old Henry cable 
  • Take the old cable guide from your old Henry cable and put it on the new one now! This is the square rounded piece of housing that the cable goes through. (see video if unsure) 
  • Screw the ends of the new cable into the terminals, trapping the bare ends under the washers. Blue goes to terminal marked N. Brown goes to terminal marked L. 
how to replace henry hoover cable
  • Replace the top of the remind assembly and secure the 3 screws that you took out earlier
  • Wrap your Henry cable around and place back into the head section. 
  • Replace the outer shell of your Henry head and make sure that the cable guide is in position with no gaps. See video for more info. 
  • Tighten up the 4 outer screws on your Henry Head and you have competed the task. 



See the accompanying video below which shows you how to replace Henry hoover cable. 

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Great video showing how to replace cable


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