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How to Shampoo Your Car Interior Using a Standard Henry Vacuum

How would you shampoo your car interior without a wet vacuum

We all know that Henry is for dry use only... but sometimes the seats and carpets in your car need more than just a vacuum. 

I have discovered an amazing dry foam shampoo that solves the issue.

'Brisk' by Autosmart smells great and works surprisingly well. In our recent YouTube video I tried it out on my own car. The kids had made a good job of making it messy as you can see by the before shot. 

Henry is for dry use only so please don't try this process with normal carpet shampoo and/or water. 

The cleaning process....

  • Vacuum your seats/carpets as normal. This will get rid of as much mess and dried dirt as possible.
  • Spray the foam cleaner in an even coat on the surface. Holding the can approx 20cm away. This cleaner is great at cleaning plastics and leather too so don't worry too much about any over spray. 
  • Agitate the area with a scrubbing brush. Be extra careful on delicate seats. 
  • Wipe over the entire area with a DRY microfibre cloth. 
  • Give the area a final vacuum with your Henry... or whatever vacuum you own. This will get rid of any bits that have been missed or disturbed since your initial vacuum. 

Thats it! 

My car smelt and looked amazing once I had done this. The Autosmart spray states that it contains fabric brighteners and I can truly believe it. 

Take a look at the video below to see the whole thing for yourself. 

If you are a car enthusiast we sell many tools on our site for use in the car. Including our Henry Car Kit

We sadly dont sell the Autosmart Brisk Spray on our site. You can find an affiliated link below 

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