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How To Use Henry Hoover As Dust Extractor

Using power tools such as sanders can be messy. Thankfully many of the power tools that create dust have the ability to be connected to a vacuum. This helps cut down the mess that can be time consuming to clear up, but also damaging to your health. 

Tips for using Henry as a dust extractor 

Henry Hose 

There is no major need to upgrade your hose. The standard Henry Hose is fine to use with power tools. Should you need to, you can buy an Extra Long Henry Hose or even the Stretchy Henry Hose

Henry Filter 

You can use your existing Henry filter is you are doing are working with standard materials such as wood. 

Henry Bags 

Always use the Henry Hepaflo Filter Bags when doing this kind of work. These will not only stop dust from re-entering the air but they will also stop dust from getting into your vacuum's Filter and Motor. Both of which would cause reduced suction and motor damage. 

How do I connect Henry to my Power Tools? 

If the opening on your power tool has an opening of approx 31mm you may use the standard Henry Tapered 32mm adaptor that comes with your Henry tool kit. This will fit inside your power tool and then connect inside the end of your Henry Hoover hose.

how to use henry hoover as dust extractor

If the opening on your power tool is any other size, you will need the Henry Power Tool Adaptor 

how to use henry as a power dust extractor

This is a universal part which steps up in size. You can cut the adaptor to the size that suits your needs. This will allow you to fit the adaptor onto your power tool opening either internally or externally. 

Please see the dimensions diagram below and compare to your power tools 

how to use henry hoover as power tool dust extractor
I hope that you have found this helpful and that using Henry in this way will save you lost of time cleaning when working on your future DIY projects. 



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