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Reusable Henry Hoover Bags Save Money and Waste

Our Compatible Reusable Henry Hoover Bags .... Save money and save waste 

Are you tired of spending money on Henry hoover bags?

Maybe you are trying to reduce the waste that you produce that ends up in landfills?

Here is the perfect solution for you and your Henry (or Hetty, James and Harry)

Reusable Henry Hoover Bags

This compatible Henry Reusable Bag can be reused time and time again. The zip fastening keeps the dust inside the bag but also makes it quick and easy to empty out the dust. If you ever feel that it is getting a little dirty or smelly, simply put on a gentle wash cycle and allow to dry at room temperature before your next use. 

  • Reusable, lower your waste and save money.
  • Washable, because fabric conditioner smells much better than old dust. 
  • Stronger than other Henry bags, suitable for the toughest cleaning tasks.

As with all products on our site this bag fits Numatic, Henry, Hetty, James and Harry Models.

With it's 5 Star reviews, the reusable Henry hoover bag has been the best selling product on our site for 3 years running. 

"Love my reusable Henry bags. Have used the bags since I first got my Henry. Only had to buy replacements because we had a disaster and had to hoover up broken glass. Easy to empty and easy to clean. I try to spread the word around my family and friends" Mary W.

"What a great idea and washable too. Makes emptying the hoover so much easier and cleaner." Jane K.

"Re usable Henry bag. Excellent idea. A re usable bag with zip so it can be emptied and not sent to landfill." Marie H. 


Please see the video on the Henry Bags Youtube channel 

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