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Henry Hoover Dog Grooming Tool Attachment

New - Henry Hoover Dog Grooming Brush Tool.

If you have a medium or long-haired dog, then grooming will be a task you know well. Now the task has been made much more efficient!

henry hoover dog grooming tool attachment

The new dog grooming attachment for your Henry vacuum is simple and easy to use. With its one-hand use, you can keep your dog comfortable and happy while you groom them, this brush also has two rows with 240 bristles making your job easier and faster and in turn, keeping your dog happy.

The suction of the hoover allows the brush to gently lift any loose hair and dry skin keeping it contained and keeping your home cleaner. This dog grooming brush is perfect for clearing out that winter coat ready for the warmth of summer and for those dogs who malt, this will help to prevent a build-up of hair around the home and on fabrics.

Now Henry can help you groom your dog! 

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I have this dog grooming brush and have used it on my long haired German Shepherd dog, his winter coat can get dirty and mated in between grooming sessions, this brush has been a great help.
But I would like to see more pet grooming brushes added to suit the Henry Hoover as this brush cannot be used on shorter breeds of dogs.
There is a market for pet grooming tools, why not have them attached to your favourite hoover!,Bonus 👍🏻

Katy Wilkinson

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