Henry Hoover Fans Facebook Group

Join the NEW Henry Hoover Fans Group over on Facebook. 

A safe and friendly group of people who love Henry just as much as you. 

  • Share your photos of what your Henry is up to today 
  • Ask fellow members advise on any repair issues or cleaning tips. There are some real experts on there who are always happy to help. 
  • Sell Your Henry... You should be ashamed of yourself... but if you have a Henry for sale this is a great way to sell (in moderation) for free. 
  • Smile.. Most important of all, the group will bring happiness to your day and give you the chance to make other peoples day with your photos. 

Join the group and invite your friends!

henry hoover fan group facebook

The Story Behind the Henry Hoover Fans Group

A few years ago I started a facebook page for our website.. ( the Henry Bags Facebook Page is Here)

I love posting random Henry things on our page and it wasn't long before our followers started sending me their own content to share by private message. That's great, I thought. But here we have a bunch of Henry Hoover Fans who are taking great photos and finding funny things online... and unless I share them (and get all of the credit) ... nobody else can see it. 

So I started the Henry Hoover Fan Group. Its not about me and my business, it's about everyone's love for Henry. 

We welcome everyone to Join and more importantly post a photo of what your Henry is doing today. 

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