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Henry Hoover Hose Keeps Coming Off? How to Repair in 2 Minutes

When your Henry Hoover Hose keeps coming off your vacuum it can be frustrating to say the least. There he is peering around the door frame, watching you trying to vacuum without a hose attached. 

Your first thought might be that you need to buy a new Henry Hose, But 90% of the time there is no need. 

henry hoover hose keeps coming off repair

This is a quick guide How to Reattach Your Henry Hoover Hose when it keeps coming off

(we also have a guide how to replace Henry cuff on your hose if it's the other end that keeps coming off the metal pipes) 

How to repair your Henry Hoover Hose 

There is a video at the bottom of the page that will also talk your through these steps. 

  1. Unscrew the Machine End Hose Connector from your Henry
  2. Clean any excess glue off the connector and the hose (you don't have to go mad, as long as its free from bits that are hanging off) henry hoover hose keeps coming off machine end repair
  3. (Optional and by no means necessary) Put a very small amount of glue on the inside thread of the connector that the hose goes into. 
    important henry hoover repair step
  4. Screw the hose ANTI-CLOCKWISE into the connector, as tight as you can. The natural thing will be to try and screw it the opposite way which will not work! henry hoover hose keeps coming off hose repair help
  5. Make sure that the connector is swiveling on the end of the hose and then screw the connector back onto your Henry. henry hoover hose keeps coming off here is how to repair henry hose

Done! A simple repair that will last.... and not a single roll of gaffer tape in sight. 

I do hope that this has helped you and please see our other Henry Hoover Help Pages for other Henry Hoover Repairs 


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Thanks great tip, that works in minutes.

Frances Maughan

Thank goodness for clear, written instructions

Lynn Pryor

You saved my Henry. Thank you! I was turning the hose CLOCKWISE, not anti-clockwise.

H Jones

Thank you so much, worked a treat and saved much needed pennies! (and waste) I know where I’ll be getting parts if needed :)

Nick Ward

Thank you for this video. I will fix the hose for the tenants of the house I clean. Awesome.

R Warren

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